Report of ‘Relief Painting’ by Sculpture artist Suresh Sharma

Aug 11, 2018

An art workshop called ‘Relief Painting’ by Sculpture artist Suresh Sharma was organised by Dr. Rajesh Gill on 11 August 2018 from 9am-12pm. The workshop was held in the  Department of education with the strength of around 100 students of B.Ed program(1st yr). Dr Promila Dabas, head of the Education department, welcomed the renowned personality Mr.Suresh Sharma and motivated the trainee teachers to seek practical know how of relief paintings. The resource person initially demonstrated the students how to make relief painting. He took a 4 inch deep cardboard box and filled it with sand. Thereafter, using several objects like carvings of Lord Buddha, butterfly, bottles, etc. impression was created on sand. Later it was filled with Plaster of Paris. After 20 mins, it dried and the sand was removed and the impression was filled with colors, which turned out to be beautiful paintings. Students learned to observe things which enhanced their observing ability. It set an example of how to make best out of waste. Students got  a chance to explore a  new form of art. It was a mind relieving activity for everybody. Students observed whatever they could see in the classroom and tried to use them in their work.